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Patient Reviews & Testimonials

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For over 30 years, Beckham Dental has maintained an excellent reputation in the Cave Creek, AZ community. Our patients say many positive things about the cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, and general dental care they receive here. They talk about our comfortable office, our caring staff, and the level of expertise they can always expect, no matter the treatment.

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Below are some of their experiences with Beckham Dental in their own words. If you want the same great experience and level of dental care these patients have received, call our Cave Creek office today at 480-214-9060 to schedule your appointment.

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Ardy - TMJ Treatment

"The understanding, knowledge, friendly atmosphere, flexibility, easy to work with—you can't ask for more. Nowadays to have that in any business is a blessing. His knowledge not only about the dentistry but..."

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Brian - Emergency Services

"I had a daughter on the Cactus Shadow's basketball team and one night at practice, had an injury: had some teeth misplaced and kind of pushed in. The coaches and the training staff were a little bit concerned..."

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Brian - Smile Makeover

"As a hockey player, I got a couple of injuries and chips in my teeth. I had some preventative things throughout my 20s and 30s, and I knew it was coming up on a time where I needed to do something a little..."

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George - Reconstructive Surgery

"The first moment as you walk through this door, you're greeted by Sabina and Danielle, who are just absolutely awesome. They not only know you but they know you by first name. They know a little bit about you..."

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Robert - Smile Makeover

"Dr. Beckham is, without a doubt, from a personal standpoint, one of the finest people I know. From a medical standpoint, his record is unblemished and he does incredible work. The ability to make a patient..."

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Robin - Dental Implants

"... and I've had some bad dental work. I had several root canals and teeth pulled. What ended up happening is I had a bad bridge that was done. When she did the bridge, she took out several teeth and so it..."

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Ted - Full Mouth Reconstruction

"Coming here was a referral for me and part of that referral process was that I had throat cancer that I had recently undergone and radiation was a big part of the process. And that process had taken a lot out..."

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Valerie - Headache Relief

"I have to say, I thank god for Dr. Beckham and his staff. They're truly an answer to prayer. It's amazing what they were able to do for me, because I had suffered for years with unexplained headaches and..."

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John - Sleep Apnea

"Our family moved here in 1988 and it was time for me to get braces. I started with braces with Dr. Beckham. Moving my teeth around on my jaw, it really changed the way my face was; it changed the shape of my..."

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Sharron - Mini Dental Implants

"When I came to Dr. Beckham, I had dentures from another dentist and they didn't fit. I had a big overbite and I looked like an English bulldog, is what I looked like. He explained to me, "Well, we can put in..."

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Maggie - Full Mouth Reconstruction

"I've had years and years of smoking, which is not good, but it gave me a really bad gum disease. First of all, we addressed the gum disease. I'm older, I had so many crowns in my upper, I wasn't going to be..."

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