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Do you have a Dental Emergency?

Our Team at Beckham Dental can help!

Dental emergencies can be scary, but at Beckham Dental, you have nothing to fear. Our Cave Creek Arizona dentists will be here to relieve your pain when you have an urgent situation. We offer same-day emergency dental care as well as after-hours treatment on nights and weekends. We even work with other dental practices in the community to make sure you can get the immediate dental care you need.

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4815 E Carefree Hwy Suite #102
Cave Creek, AZ  85331

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Relieving Your Pain and Saving Your Smile

At Beckham Dental, we aim to make you as comfortable as possible during your emergency dental care. If you are in pain, we can use local anesthesia to provide relief while we work to save your smile. Dental sedation can go a long way in helping you feel calm during dental emergencies. We also have a number of comfort options to help you relax during an otherwise stressful time.  Click to contact us NOW, get directions, or call 480.214.9060

Types of dental emergencies and injuries we can help with...

bullet Lost Filling or Crown
If a crown has come loose or you have a lost filling that is causing you severe pain, make a dental appointment as soon as possible.

bullet Knocked Out Tooth
If a tooth has been knocked out of your mouth due to an accident or sports injury, it is essential to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. When a tooth exits the mouth, tissues, nerves and blood vessels can be damaged. If the tooth can be placed back into its socket within a short time, there is a chance the tissues may re-grow to support the tooth again.

thumb Chipped, Cracked or Broken Tooth
Teeth are amazingly strong, but they are still prone to fractures, cracks and breaks that can be caused by trauma, grinding and biting. You should see the emergency dentist as quickly as possible!

thumbnail Dislodged or Loose Teeth
If your tooth has become dislodged or loosened from its socket by either trauma or by decay, we may be able to save it.

bullet2 Severe Toothache
Tooth pain, throbbing, bad toothaches or even just a funny taste in your mouth can be signs of a dental problem, contact one of our trusted doctors for a consultation.

bullet Broken Appliance
Broken denture, bridge or orthodontic appliance? Contact Beckham Dental!

bullet Broken Wires on Braces
A loose or broken wire on your braces can be painful and a cause for discomfort when eating. Don't delay getting it taken care of, soft damage can occur.

bullet Swelling
Swelling of your gums or mouth can indicate a more serious condition even when no pain is present, give us a call, we can help!

Do you have tooth pain that is accompanied with sinus pain?

Call 480-214-9060

Please Note: If you are uncertain if your circumstance is an emergency, please contact us immediately and we will help determine the urgency of the discomfort or injury you are experiencing!