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Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is more than an annoyance. It is a danger to the health of your teeth. You may not know how to deal with your chronic dry mouth, but Beckham Dental in Cave Creek, AZ can help. Our expert dental team has been working on clinical trials that have yielded an FDA-approved solution to this problem.

Chronic Dry Mouth Can Lead to Tooth Decay

Your saliva has a lot to do with how healthy your teeth are. Saliva washes away excess sugars from the surface of your teeth and starts the digestive process. When you have low saliva production, you end up with drying mouth and sugars constantly stuck to your teeth. These sugars are the fuel that drives tooth decay. Don't put your mouth at risk - let Beckham Dental help you solve your dilemma.

How Beckham Dental Can Help Your Dry Mouth

We will evaluate your condition and then work up a treatment plan to help relieve your dry mouth. This plan may be as simple as increasing your water intake to combat dehydration or getting a fluoride treatment to help boost the health of your dental enamel and kill bacteria that have developed as a result of drying mouth. We may also recommend an FDA-approved calcium phosphate rinse to help your mouth stay hydrated.

What Causes Dry Mouth?

There are many things that cause decreased saliva production:

• Dehydration
• Tobacco Use
• Side Effect of Medication or Medical Treatment
• Side Effect of Disease
• Nerve Damage
• Stress

Beckham Dental can help treat your drying mouth, regardless of what is causing it. Talk to our experienced Cave Creek, AZ dentist staff today about the best treatment for you.

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