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Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional Implants

When it comes to tooth replacement options, dental implants are the gold standard. Beckham Dental in Cave Creek, AZ has made a huge investment to offer you the most effective dental implant options available. Our dentists, Dr. Beckham and Dr. Campbell have completed hundreds of hours of continuing education courses to make sure your treatment is as effective as possible.

Implant Description:

They are titanium fixtures greater than 3mm in diameter that are placed in the jaw (bone) to replace single or multiple missing teeth. They can be placed in areas of the jaw where no teeth are present, or can be immediately placed into a tooth socket after the tooth has been removed. We term this procedure immediate implant placement. The bone is allowed to heal around the implant. In three to six months the bone has actually fused (integrated) to the implant. The implant can then be used to replace a missing tooth or teeth, or to anchor another form of dental prosthesis.


Traditional Implant

When are Traditional Implants used instead of Mini Dental Implants (MDI's)?

1. When the bone height available is very short.

2. When there is a large amount of bone width available.

3. When immediate implant placement is desired after a tooth extraction.

4. When the quality of bone remaining is poor requiring a two stage procedure.

5. When the sinus or vital structures are in close proximity.

* Keep in mind, dental implants rank among the most highly successful dental procedures performed.

Why are dental implants frequently the best treatment option?

Implant dentistry is the most advanced therapy available to treat missing teeth for numerous reasons. Three important benefits of implant treatment are described below.

What are Implants made of?

ALL implants are made of grade 5 titanium. ALL implants are now some type of screw form. Anything under 3.0 mm in diameter is considered a mini implant. All above this diameter are considered traditional implants. Mini implants were developed to be used in areas where there was not sufficient bone width for a traditional implant, but there was sufficient height.

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Implants Preserve Bone!

When natural teeth are removed, the bone in the mouth is no longer stimulated and begins to resorb or degenerate. Implants provide the necessary stimulation to the bone to keep the jaw bones strong and healthy.

See image of Bone Loss Before and After below:

Bone Loss

Implants Promote Overall Health

People with missing teeth have trouble eating certain fruits, vegetables, and meats. Eliminating these items from your diet can lead to poor nutrition, and failure to chew these items properly can lead to digestive problems. It has been clinically shown that people with poor chewing function are on significantly more (17%) medications for gastrointestinal disorders than those with good chewing function. Implants stabilize your prosthesis to enable good chewing function, allow you to eat a balanced diet, and minimize digestive problems.

Implants Save Neighboring Teeth

When only one tooth is missing, a bridge requires neighboring teeth to be ground down to serve as supporting posts. Removing protective layers of neighboring teeth makes them more prone to decay. Proper hygiene is challenging with a bridge, and as a result, many people experience additional tooth loss. A bridge can turn a one-tooth problem into a three-tooth problem! Implants only treat the tooth that is already lost, and therefore, are a one-tooth solution to a one-tooth problem.

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